La grande Bellezza – italian formal fashion and the feelings behind

8. January 2015 — 1 Comment

I love Italy. I love the country, the people, the culture, the food, the art, the history, the Drama and the Extraversion, the Opera, and and – there is no end. And I love italian fashion as an expression of that feeling, of that culture code. If I would try to concentrate all that into one word it would be “Pride”.

Next week I will attend the Pitti Imagine Uomo in Florence and I can’t wait to see all these specialists, “i mostri sacri” as someone told me with a grin, rushing through the floors along the booths and showing off at all time. Who’s not working in this business will think that it looks more like a play than a serious business event. The Connaisseur though will enjoy all these thousands of “looks” and honour all that time these men (and women, to be fair) have spent in their Hotel rooms and/or before in their Home closets to try new combinations and dress preferably “loud”.

If you get no picture or at least get noticed from the Blogger Photographers at the entrance and in the central plaza you are no one.

That’s funny because this feeling starts already in Stuttgart at the Airport. Very seldom I see so many well dressed men at the same time checking in and waiting for their flights. Either in Frankfurt, Munich or Zurich you notice them again and then its clear – they all are fashion victims on their pilgrimage to Florence 🙂

I will try to give you some impressions next week of what my personal feelings were with regards to our overall theme, the technical design of men’s fashion.

The Great BeautyAdding on that I would like to invite you to watch a very special movie from last year that inspired me a lot and made me better understand the extravagance and sometimes overwhelming addiction to detail. The Movie is called “La grande Bellezza” and the plot is about a journalist/writer who lives in the jet-set of Rome. ( Wikipedia explains it as such: “The film opens with a quote from Céline‘s Journey to the End of the Night: “To travel is very useful, it makes the imagination work, the rest is just delusion and pain. Our journey is entirely imaginary, which is its strength.” The main character is an aging socialite, Jep Gambardella, who once wrote a famous novel in his twenties, only to retire into a comfortable life writing cultural columns and throwing parties in Rome. After his 65th birthday party, he walks through the ruins and city streets, encountering the various characters, reflecting on his life, his first love, and sense of unfulfillment”.

You get a feeling of Rome in a very different style, the movie is mainly shot at night or in early morning hours and coming back to fashion you’ll see again suits from Cesare Attolini and maybe even better understand the cultural language of this type of construction. Have a close look at the suits and in particular how the jackets fit to the scenes, the colours, the shoulder language, the sculptural shape. Here the protagonist is not the 18-year-old supermodel in a Christian Dior suit. It is a real man in his mid 60ties looking incredibly attractive if I may say that as a married man 🙂 So from an aesthetic and fashion oriented perspective as well as an entertaining side it is worth to buy the movie. We will dive deeper into the creative and technical details in further articles.

Making suits is poetry – if you don’t understand the feelings behind you just assemble pieces.

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    Thanks for The advice , I will look for it and then decide how to further develop 🙂


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