Everyone deserves 15 minutes of fame … on the central Plaza at Pitti Uomo

19. January 2015 — Leave a comment

My visit at the Pitti Uomo last week reminded me of the famous statement from Andy Wharhol about “15 minutes of fame” everyone deserves.

I must say that there were lots of people applying for this with their sometimes very special outfits. Some of them were absolutely disconnected to current collection developments or trends.

 Nevertheless many of them demonstrated a lot of the feelings and details which were displayed in the booths around. Again, here are some examples which I liked very much and which gave me some hints to think about:

a great mixture of colors and trends, I love the glasses, knit and hat in the same beige put together with the dark blue of the jacket. Very relaxed fit in the shoulders, not so easy to achieve in this rich look…


I am not sure about the hair colour but the checked jackets together with destroyed jeans make a cool look.


That’s a funny scene: the look is a mixture of traditional Amish, Jewish and Shepard influence – an then checking messages on the smartphones 🙂


This couple looked a bit bored but was very aware of all photobloggers, a perfect look – even in the faces


These guys had a lot of fun with the audience and were available for everyone for a quick shot


the guy in the middle looked so perfect like having a break during a movie scene



For sure the most funny ones and I am really not sure if they wanted to fool us all or if they wanted us to take it serious 🙂

IMG_2286    IMG_2285

In the next article I will give you some more impressions from the scenery at the fair and some window shots of Florence.

Stay tuned



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