How can sportswear embrace clothing looks and vice versa

22. January 2015 — 6 Comments

The Pitti Uomo gives a lot of details and impressions about how we are going to dress ourselfes in the future, how trends may be transferred into business and what might be a bit overdone.

Some more pictures I have taken at the Fair:



The former founders of Boglioli sold the brand and…opened a new one – The Gigi. Again a beautiful combination of casual fits and fantastic fabric choices. It takes tons of prototypes to define the right washing methods and shrinkage amendments for the pattern to make them look like these. Chapeaux !



another example for interesting treatments of rather classic fabrics with coating and spraying techniques:




During these days, due to all the fashion related city-visitors, numerous shops change their decorations and give some insights about the very next collection – in this case the Summer 2015.


What impressed me here was the already mentioned trend of spicing up the looks with lots of accessories, watches, bracelets, rings, scarfs, hats, caps, all sorts of ties and bowties and many more. There’s obviously no limit.



Also I liked the seamless integration of sportswear elements into classic looks – there are no boundaries any more.



Not only can you wear a jeans with classic jackets and ties with raw knitwear or t-shirts with suits but this time I saw more and more fabrics and trims being mixed into each others territory and that created quite interesting twists.

A good example for that was a jacket from Ermenegildo Zegna that was made of a bonded and as such waterresistant suit fabric. Stylewise it was lightly padded and cut in a relaxed fit so that you could assign it to casual jackets.

„Upper Casual“ as the Italian says. I am sure we are going to see more of these mixtures in the next seasons to come.

The shops not to miss in Florence are for sure LuisaViaRoma


and opposite Eredi Chiarini ( he is moving the shop to Via Porta Rossa in March )


I’d call them Influencer and like the digital approach of Luisa while Eredi is a classic house at its best. Both have a particular sense for brand specialties and have inspired me since many years now.

In general life in Florence is great and they have endless points of interest, historically and fashion wise, and if you are looking for a good chocolate, hot or cold, go for Venchi in Via Calimaruzza, 18



6 responses to How can sportswear embrace clothing looks and vice versa


    Actually, the fact remains that every body needs free and easy outfit expect on occasional periods, and I belief most of the sports textiles are very easy and ready wears.



    Good Job Joachim..



    Wonderful post ! thoroughly enjoying every entry you’ve made so far.



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