about the author

I am a Business Leader with more than 30 years experience in men’s tailoring and work for a well-known company. During all these years I felt that there is a lack of information in the market to do good suits, nationally and internationally.


As a young fellow you realise soon that there is not much to learn besides the books and schools and so you make your own practical lectures and this is a hard time. Becoming a great pattern designer is a long road to walk.

Because of that I joined the IACDE, a pattern designers organisation in 1993 and since then serve as member and for 2009-14 also as President International.

So why opening up this Blog ?

Well I think that especially the younger colleagues can benefit a lot from know-how of the more experienced ones and it could be beneficial for the industry at all. Our Textile industry is a moving caravan and so many vendors struggle with each new customer to find the right fit, the right manufacturing methods, the right language, the right sizing, aso.

With a little help and some know-how transfer I can imagine to ease that process a bit. Besides, the new technologies connect experts globally easier than ever before, so why not use this. We’ll see – I am open for change.

This is my first blog so please forgive me for the occurring mistakes, disadvantages and misunderstandings in layout and structure. It will grow to be better bit by bit and you can help me with it. If you have some suggestions or questions – feel free to do that any time.

with best regards


(Joachim Hensch)

3 responses to about the author


    …you always amaze me!Never know that!
    Bernd told me about your blog and sure
    we all keep your thing rollin’
    See you soon



    Thank you so much for this initiative. I am a young Brazilian fashion designer trying to gain expertise in tailoring but it is so hard to find proper training… Hopefully this struggle will become easier as time goes by.


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