How about a good suit – take a closer look with me to identify one…

At the last fair during a break I noticed a vistor in a very nice suit. The gentleman was obviously waiting for Bloggers to be photographed and so I didn’t mind to do the same. Later I found him in another article and he seems to be Niels Holdorf form Shibumi, a Berlin based company for accessories. Anyway, he was well dressed and so I don’t mind to talk a bit about his suit and you may browse his page about ties aso. 🙂


Now let’s have a closer look at the details:

 First up the suit is made in a lightweight fabric and a nice and shiny blue colour. The fit is a mixture between a classic but still modern attitude. The shoulder part is very light structured and not really perfectly fitting, you can see that in the unfinished look. The strict and more conservative colleagues might argue that it is not nicely put together but I think it was ment to be. The roped upper sleeves are very well attached and so the look is quite modern.

suit shoulder 1

 The collar and lapel is wide and rich and together with the double breasted buttoning with 6 buttons give an overall wealthy look.

lapel 1 Unusual for me is the length of the jacket which is longer than others in the current scene, but together with the slim cut trousers with very high turn-ups it gives a fresh and unconventional impression. I think that the pockets are with flaps but he might not have liked them and therefor put away.

flap pockets 1

 Also very visible is the making – it was made full-canvas, the most classical way you can produce a suit. It is visible at the lower front edges and at the upper lapel in the region of the button hole which also looks handmade ( zoom in at the lower one)

button hole 1

Together with the shirt and checked tie, the pocket square, the shoes, the bag and of course the very intellectual glasses and hair-cut I give 5 stars for this outfit.

accessories 1

accessories 2

 More of these at the airports – please 🙂



3 responses to How about a good suit – take a closer look with me to identify one…


    Thanks for explaining how to judge a good suit. However, I would have to disagree on how the overall outfit is put together. Pairing a chequered tie with a striped shirt is not what I would call a nice match. I know style is highly dependent on the country so just take my opinion for what it is ;o) I would also never pair those brown shoes nor that green bag together. Not to mention that pocket square with yet another print thrown into the mix. I guess I prefer a more conservative or minimalistic look ;o)



      Thanks for the comment, it shows how different we are and think. The protagonist here has a company for accessories so maybe he wanted to exaggerate a bit 😉 like many on this fair do.


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