This Blog is about all what we consider to be “behind the curtain” – the understanding of fashion with the eyes of pattern designers, technical engineers or even technically interested Designers.

It will try to explain some facts and feelings about fashion in terms of fit, style, dynamic, making, pattern, production, ingredients aso.

Of course, as fashion is always an emotional statement, it is highly personal and shall only be a hint to think at and digest it for your own professional work.

True experts have sharp eyes, always try to learn and get inspired for the development of their own designs. If this Blog can contribute to that I’ll be happy.

3 responses to Welcome


    hey josch,

    very cool, very helpful. i like
    good to see you are taking care and saving knowledge for future generations.
    i will spread the word fur sure.



    Good morning!!!
    This blog is a great idea !!!


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